Dental X-Ray: What to Expect

Dental X-rays Fort Lee, NJ

Dental X-rays are often needed for general checkups as well as when a dental procedure is about to be performed on a person. They are necessary for a dental professional to properly care for their patients. Having dental X-rays done can assist the dentist, orthodontist or oral surgeon because it allows them to see a different angle of the patient’s teeth and mouth.

Some people may be curious about what to expect from a dental X-ray. They are a simple part of dentist visits and they don’t require a lot of work from the patient. Today, we will go over what one can expect from a dental X-ray.

What to expect during a dental X-ray

The machine does all of the work!

A dental X-ray does not require the patient to do much of anything. While it may sound scary, it actually is painless and extremely simple. A person sits in a chair while an X-ray machine does all of the work. A dental assistant will sit the patient down with a protective garment and then urge them to remain as still as possible. The dental assistant will then press a few different buttons so that the X-ray machine takes photos of the patient’s mouth and teeth.

The machine typically takes photos of different angles of the mouth. The dental assistant may come and move the machine in between shots so that they can capture different shots of the teeth and mouth. Sometimes a patient is required to bite down on something so that the X-ray can capture a person’s bite. This is typically common when people are being fitted or monitored for braces or aligners.

Minimal discomfort

A patient typically won’t feel any pain or discomfort during a dental X-ray. Having X-rays done only requires that a person remains still which may cause some anxiety but the dental assistants will work with the patient to help them get the X-rays done quickly.

Detailed images

Dental X-rays serve as a way to get a better or different look at the teeth and the mouth as a whole. The X-rays provide the dentist, orthodontist or oral surgeon with a more detailed shot of how the teeth sit in a person’s mouth. It allows the dental professional to see how the teeth fit inside the mouth and if any complications are forming.


Dental X-rays are extremely beneficial for patients and dental professionals. They allow both parties involved to see the teeth and mouth from a different position which can be beneficial in maintaining dental care. Knowing what to expect during a dental X-ray can help a patient ease any anxiety associated with dental care as well as help prepare people who may have X-rays coming up.

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