Why Dental Anxiety Doesn’t Have to Stop You From Seeing the Dentist

Dental Anxiety Fort Lee, NJ

Dental anxiety is a common condition that many individuals struggle with. Anyone, young or old, can experience dental anxiety because it comes from fear, nervousness, and the unknown, all of which have no age limit.

Many sufferers avoid visiting the dentist out of fear, which can be detrimental to their oral health. Although anxiety may feel like it cannot be overcome or managed, it is important to know that it absolutely can. Continue reading to find out why dental anxiety does not have to prevent dental visits. 

Dental anxiety and visiting the dentist

Here is a quick overview of dental anxiety, including how to not let it stop you from visiting the dentist's office. This information should be reviewed by individuals struggling with dental anxiety, nervousness, or fear.

Understanding dental anxiety

Dental anxiety is a condition that causes individuals to feel nervous, fearful, and uncomfortable about visiting the dentist. Each case of dental anxiety is different, however; for the most part, it results in an urge to avoid the dentist at all costs. 

The importance of visiting the dentist

Visiting the dentist, regardless of dental anxiety, is crucial. Without regular visits, the teeth and gums become susceptible to infections, some of which can be irreversible. Dentists also have the ability to see warning signs that the average person may not be able to. This can go a long way in maintaining good oral health. 

Although it may feel overwhelming or frightening to visit the dentist while experiencing dental anxiety, it is important to consider ways to overcome or manage it so routine oral health care can still be provided. 


Dental anxiety can be managed and even overcome, despite how the sufferer feels. The best way to do this is to consult with the dentist and follow these tips. The dentist can perform an evaluation to determine what areas need the most attention. Then, a plan of action can be put into place to reduce dental anxiety. 

  1. Take a distraction to the office: Headphones and music are ideal for remaining distracted throughout the appointment
  2. Visit the dental office before any appointments: This allows for an understanding of what the place looks like and how it operates
  3. Ask questions: The dentist will explain everything in depth so there are no surprises or unknowns
  4. Take an item of comfort: A blanket, sweater, or something of meaningful value can be helpful for reducing dental anxiety
  5. Ask to bring someone else to the appointment: A family member or friend can provide support and comfort.

Find out more

When struggling with dental anxiety, the best thing to do is to consult with the dentist. While dentists are trained in performing oral health care, they also undergo training to help patients get through the necessary procedures and appointments. 

Additionally, consultations allow the patient to ask as many questions as needed, which can be helpful in overcoming dental anxiety. To learn more or to get scheduled for an appointment, reach out today.

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