Why a Professional Teeth Whitening Tray From Your Dentist Is Right for You

teeth whitening Fort Lee, NJ

With the promotion of cosmetic dentistry in recent years, more patients are interested in teeth whitening. Patients are concerned about having yellow teeth and want to take measures to reduce stains and darkening over time. There are many options available for bleaching, but each patient's situation is different. While there is no one solution that works for everyone, custom whitening trays are a popular option. These trays are made after a dentist takes an impression of a patient's teeth. The trays are then filled with a bleaching solution and used at home by the patient. 

Advantages of teeth whitening trays over other bleaching options

Because whitening trays are so easy for patients to use, more and more people are asking for this treatment. There are some advantages of this method over other ones, and it can be the right option for a number of patients. Patients should be in good oral health before pursuing any type of whitening treatment. This means all active dental disease should be addressed before cosmetic treatments are started. 

Control rate of whitening

Some patients may want to whiten teeth gradually so that the results will not be as drastic as with other teeth whitening methods. Some patients may want the option to whiten a few weeks before a special occasion and then hold off on wearing trays for a while. Trays give patients both of these options, so it is a flexible way to bleach teeth. Patients can stop treatment at any time with no adverse effects. 

Manage sensitivity with other products

One of the most commonly reported side effects of teeth whitening is sensitivity. The advantage of bleaching trays is that other products can be used in the trays to relieve sensitivity. For example, a patient can alternate a bleaching solution with a fluoride treatment in the tray. A dentist can recommend what products work for a patient's unique situation. Few whitening methods have this advantage, and it makes trays a popular treatment among patients. The attraction of reduced sensitivity makes patients who are hesitant about whitening more likely to try it.

Perform treatment at home

Some patients want to do teeth whitening treatments in the comfort of their own home. With this method, one does not have to take off work for a special appointment. Patients can simply use the products during free time. This makes it convenient for working individuals and offers predictable results without the time commitment. They can simply come into the office when needing a refill of the bleaching solution.


With the number of whitening options available on the market today, it can be difficult for patients to know which is right to use. A consultation with a dentist can help patients determine what their individual needs are and how to use specific products. Bleaching trays continue to be a popular choice due to easiness and convenience. 

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