Understanding Common Causes of Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety Fort Lee, NJ

Dental anxiety is common in patients of all ages. Most people experience feelings of anxiousness, nervousness or fear. However, there are varying reasons why dental anxiety occurs. Keep reading to learn more about the most common causes that trigger dental anxiety

The common causes of dental anxiety

Outlined below are a few of the most common reasons that dental anxiety occurs. It can be helpful to review these, as understanding the cause of dental anxiety can be helpful in overcoming and preventing it.


Myths can cause a serious amount of dental anxiety. There are a lot of myths about dentistry, ranging from outrageous horror stories about pain to dangerous materials for dental fillings. Talking with a dentist about any concerns or myths can be extremely helpful as the majority of them are far from the truth. Debunking them will help to minimize or reduce dental anxiety. 

Fear of pain

Fear of pain is probably one of the most common dental anxiety causes. Being afraid that a procedure will hurt or cause discomfort is actually pretty normal. Everyone experiences some level of fear regarding pain from procedures; however, those that skip appointments or necessary procedures due to dental anxiety may require extra care. It is important to know that modern-day technology has allowed for very minimal amounts of pain for almost every procedure. Dentists are trained to be gentle and patient, which results in little to no pain. 

The unknown

Another common cause of dental anxiety is the unknown. Patients are much more likely to feel afraid or nervous when they are not sure what to expect. In most cases, the average person is not too familiar with every dental procedure and what it entails, which can result in dental anxiety. 

Patients that suffer from dental anxiety due to a fear of the unknown can request that the dentist goes over the appointment or procedure with them in-depth. Talking it through beforehand can be quite helpful. Additionally, patients can ask that each step is highlighted when performing the actual procedure or appointment. 


Inside a dentist's office, there is typically a lot going on. Multiple patients are being seen at once, which can create a lot of noise. Some people are extremely sensitive to sounds, which can trigger dental anxiety. Certain dental tools or instruments, such as drills may spark feelings of fear in patients. 

A lot of dentists suggest that patients wear headphones and listen to music during the appointment or procedure. Music limits one's ability to hear, which can be helpful in soothing the mind. 

Consult with a dentist

Want to find out more about dental anxiety? Talking with a dentist is the next step to take. Dentists can help patients identify causes of dental anxiety, as well as determine the best ways to manage and overcome it. Additionally, patients can ask questions or go over concerns that they have. Reach out today to find out more or to get scheduled for an appointment. 

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