Reasons to Get Root Canal Therapy Immediately

Root Canal Treatment Fort Lee, NJ

When you need a root canal, it is because your tooth has become infected, and while the infection may be able to clear up with cleaning and antibiotics, it will never truly go away without dental treatment. This is because the infection begins when the outer shell of the tooth known as the enamel has been cracked, broken, or bored through with a cavity, and modern science does not have a way to effectively recreate that seal well enough to keep future infections out. 

So now you have two choices to stop the infection inside your tooth from not only hurting but also from traveling into the gums, jaw, and possibly throughout the body. Those two choices are to either have the tooth pulled or to have a root canal. When you have this procedure, it means that the living blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue inside the tooth are all cleaned out along with the infection. Then the space in the tooth known as the pulp chamber must be filled with a substance that will now keep the infection from getting in. When you need this procedure, you do not want to put it off, and there are three primary reasons why.  

The infection can grow

The most important reason you do not want to put off this type of procedure is that while the tooth remains infected, that infection can grow throughout your gums, jaw, and the rest of your body. When the infection grows throughout your gums and jaw, it can eat away at the structure of the jaw, and which will weaken the foundation that your other teeth rest on. 

The infection is also likely to get into your ears, facial tissue, and neck. If it travels throughout your bloodstream, it can attack your heart, and this is known as endocarditis. If the infection travels to your brain, it can colonize there, forming a brain abscess or cause bacterial meningitis. 

You want to alleviate the tooth pain

When you need this procedure, you are in pain, and why put yourself through that. While advances in medicine and technology have made the root canal procedure relatively painless, you will also be relieved of the pain of your tooth infection. There may be a little soreness in the tooth for a day or two from the procedure, but otherwise, you should be feeling much better. 

It won’t get better on its own

There are some things in life that, if you ignore them, will eventually go away. A dental problem is not one of those things. In some cases, if you wait long enough, the pain will go away, but this is because the infection is eating away at the nerves inside your tooth, and when the nerves are finally dead, you will no longer feel the pain. If you take care of this right away, you can avoid the pain, the health risks, and the future financial costs of further complications. If you make it go away with this procedure, your tooth can remain with you for years to come. 

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