General Dentistry Tips for Choosing from Tooth Filling Material Options

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For cavity fillings, general dentistry offices are the right places to go. Your dentist can diagnose your tooth decay and determine the right treatment. Often, placing a filling in the cavity will relieve the associated pain and keep further decay from developing. The dentist has a few different options to consider when it comes to filling material. You can discuss which one makes more sense and which you may prefer.

How general dentistry professional fills cavities and how this treatment helps

Dentists handle a wide range of oral health conditions. Dentists diagnose problems and treat them appropriately in patients of all ages. Cavities are among the most common problems that dentists see. To diagnose a cavity, the hygienist will take X-rays, and the dentist will examine the person’s teeth.

After determining that there is a cavity, the dentist numbs the patient. Once the patient is comfortable, the dentist will drill into the tooth until reaching the decay. The dentist cleans out the affected area. Then, the dentist places the filling material in the tooth until it fills up the hole or holes. Using heat or light, the dentist hardens the material quickly. Then, the dentist will smooth and polish the tooth.

Types of filling material

General dentistry practices may use one of many types of materials for cavity fillings. These include ceramic, porcelain, and composite resin. These options are the most common today. In previous decades, dentists used gold and silver amalgam fillings to treat cavities. Another option is glass ionomer, which contains glass particles.

Think of the cosmetic benefits

When choosing a filling at a general dentistry office, patients may first want to consider how it will affect their smile. Metal fillings can be effective, but these will stand out. Some people can be self-conscious about the way these fillings look and not enjoy their aesthetics. The advantage of ceramic, porcelain, and composite fillings is that these options blend in with the tooth. People will not notice these fillings are present.

Think of the durability factor

Repairing a tooth with a filling can bring pain relief and fix minor cosmetic damage. The last thing a person wants is for the filling to fall out or crack within a short time. Some patients worry more about how long the filling will last than how it looks. In this case, it may make sense to ask the general dentistry dentist about metal fillings. Silver, gold, and copper fillings can last at least 15 years and sometimes up to 30. As nice as tooth-colored fillings look, they typically need to be replaced within 10 years.

Consult your dentist for help deciding on a filling

Do not think that you have to be knowledgeable about fillings to know which one is right for you. When you speak to a general dentistry professional, ask for advice about choosing a filling. Your dentist will talk about your needs and goals to help you decide. You can then move forward feeling positive about how the filling will look and work on your tooth.

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