Family Dentist FAQs About Dental Checkups

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Patients frequently ask the family dentist the same questions. From when to book the next appointment to whether a particular treatment will hurt, patients tend to want much the same information. General questions about good dental hygiene at home between checkups do not change much from one patient to another. Keep reading to find out what are some of the most common queries that patients have when visiting the family dentist’s office.

How often do teeth need a checkup?

On average, most people should visit the family dentist two or three times a year. People with ongoing dental problems will likely need more frequent appointments. Much depends upon the dental hygiene habits of the person between checkups. Regular toothbrushing, mouthwashing and flossing all help maintain a healthy mouth and prevent dental problems.

Families with children will need to visit the dentist more often. The family dentist can help kids develop good dental hygiene and instill the importance of looking after their teeth. The dentist will advise how often children are likely to need a checkup. Factors may include the ages of the children, the condition of the teeth and their dental hygiene at home. Children, in particular, need encouragement and positive reinforcement in dental hygiene.

Do checkups and dental cleaning hurt?

A dental checkup is a simple procedure and not inherently painful. The dentist looks in the mouth, using a light and mirror to see into difficult corners. Dental cleaning involves a motorized rotary brush, much like a commercial electric toothbrush. Neither procedure is painful. A few minutes to grin and bear it will radically improve every other smile in the future.

Regular checkups help spot developing problems early, making them easier to treat. An in-office dental cleaning removes difficult stains and maintains good oral hygiene. Adding dental cleaning to the normal checkup further helps spot and prevent problems before they develop. Together, checkups and dental cleaning minimize the need for other more invasive procedures. Prevention and care are inherently less painful than treating a toothache.

What is that hooked, sharp-looking dental tool?

That is a sickle probe. It is not nearly as sharp as it looks. It is among the most commonly used dental tools, alongside a light and a mirror. The probe primarily allows the dentist to test teeth for sensitivity and to remove plaque and tartar. At most, the sickle probe’s prodding at the gumline may be irritating but not painful. It is an essential part of the family dentist’s toolkit in checkups and dental cleaning.

How to book a visit with the family dentist

The family dentist is only a phone call away. If you do not have regular appointments already booked, you can easily arrange an initial consultation and checkup. Dental cleaning is a small extra service that can be added to any regular checkup. Visits to the family dentist are an important part of personal oral hygiene and help maintain lifelong dental health.

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