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Getting a dental implant is typically a multistep procedure that involves different stages of surgery and healing. However, there are special circumstances that sometimes allow an implant and crown to be placed on the same day. While there are risks associated with doing the procedure all at once, for those who have good oral and systemic health, it may be an option to replace a missing tooth or teeth quickly.

Same-day dental implants

The process

The traditional dental implant procedure involves placing the implant, waiting a few months to place a healing abutment, then placing the final abutment and crown. Because of all the steps involved, it can be a lengthy process that takes several months to a year to complete.

With same-day implant and crown procedures, the implant is placed, but instead of waiting for the insertion to completely heal, a temporary crown is placed at the same appointment. This provides the patient with a replacement tooth immediately instead of having to wait months. This temporary crown is then replaced once the implant has integrated into the bone and is ready to accept the permanent crown.

The ideal candidate

Same-day dental implants have the advantage of having less wait time to get a replacement tooth, but this procedure is not for everyone. As with traditional implants, there must be adequate bone level to support the implant. Patients with systemic diseases like diabetes or autoimmune disorders tend to take more time to heal; therefore, the same-day procedure is often discouraged. Smokers are also at higher risk of a same-day implant failing, as are those who have a habit of clenching or grinding teeth.

It is best for the patient to disclose all health information to the doctor before any procedure is started. Non-smokers with no history of clenching or grinding teeth and no known adverse health conditions are better candidates for this operation.

Associated risks

As with any surgery, the placement of an implant comes with some risks. The surgery site can become infected if caution is not exercised and post-operation directions are not followed. Also, because the tooth has a crown on it and is immediately subject to the torque of biting pressure, there is a risk of implant failure if it fails to fuse to the bone. Any extreme movement of the implant can have an adverse effect in the healing process. It is important to discuss both benefits and risks of the procedure and to maintain a healthy lifestyle to promote proper healing.


Although traditional implants are known for being a slower process than other tooth replacement options, same-day implants can provide the benefit of a stationary, non-removable replacement without the waiting period of traditional ones. If you have been considering replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant but have been hesitant because of the lengthy process, talk to a dentist about whether it might be the right option. With knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of same-day treatment, you can make an informed decision about oral health.

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