Broken Teeth and the Emergency Dentist

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You should contact an emergency dentist as soon as possible if you have a dental emergency. A broken tooth can be a serious issue that constitutes a dental emergency. If your tooth is broken, it is important to seek medical care. Otherwise, your tooth can become infected, or further damage can happen and you can end up losing the tooth.

Emergency dentist

Teeth are strong, but they can break, chip or fracture. This can happen when a person falls, is hit in the mouth or face, bites down on something hard or has cavities that weaken the tooth. When a tooth breaks, a person may not feel pain. Minor tooth fractures often do not cause pain.

But when a large piece of a tooth breaks, it can hurt. The nerve inside a person’s tooth can be damaged. A person may also experience extreme discomfort if the nerve endings in the dentin end up being exposed to air or to cold or hot drinks or foods. Pain from a broken tooth can come and go or it may be constant.

Self-care measures

Even though dentists do not recommend home fixes for broken teeth, people can take particular measures that can help protect their teeth and mouth. For a broken tooth, rinsing the mouth with warm water can help to ensure the area is kept clean. Applying a cold compress can reduce swelling and pain. If the broken piece is found, a person should take it to the dentist. It should be wrapped in a wet towel or some wet gauze if possible. Once a person gets to the office, the dentist will assess the situation and determine the ideal treatment option.


A broken tooth is considered a dental emergency if a person is in severe pain, bleeding heavily, has lost a tooth or has a major break. A person can benefit from contacting an emergency dentist as soon as possible. Treatment for a broken tooth will be based mainly on the severity of the damage. The dentist will be able to figure out the cause of the break, which can be due to a cavity and if the nerve of the tooth is in danger.

If the nerve is damaged, it will require root canal treatment. The pulp is usually probably damaged if the tooth hurts or is sensitive to heat. If pulp tissue dies and if it is not removed, it can become infected and eventually it may have to be extracted. During treatment, the dentist will remove the dead pulp and thoroughly clean the root canal before sealing it.

Contact a dentist

A broken tooth may not always constitute a dental emergency, but it is still important for a patient to have it examined by a dentist. Ignoring the problem for a long time can lead to future damage to the mouth and tooth. If you are in a lot of pain or bleeding heavily, you should contact an emergency dentist immediately. The dentist will inform you about the next steps to take.

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