A General Dentist Discusses What Happens After a Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction Fort Lee, NJ

The thought of having a tooth extraction may worry you, but it could be necessary in the most serious cases. Your dentist will know whether this step will be required or whether a restorative method will work. After an extraction, you may have a few options for replacing the tooth. You should also follow the dentist’s directions for taking care of your mouth.

When a tooth extraction needs to happen

Losing a permanent tooth is not something people want to experience. Some teeth can fall out due to decay. Others may get knocked out because of a hard blow to the face or after biting into something. When the dentist decides to remove a tooth, it will be because other methods to save it will not be possible.

An extraction will be the right solution when the patient has severe decay throughout the tooth. When the tooth is too damaged for a root canal and crown to spare, the dentist will have to take it out. In other situations, the dentist may decide to take out a tooth if the patient’s mouth is crowded. This procedure will make room for other teeth to come in straighter. The dentist may also extract a tooth that has not erupted yet but sees that it will cause problems for other teeth when it comes in.

How the process works

Before getting a tooth extraction, the dentist will explain what the patient can expect. The two will go over the benefits and risks of the procedure. To begin with, the dentist will numb the patient with a local anesthetic. This will help the person feel comfortable and pain-free during the extraction.

The process for erupted teeth is much less invasive. However, if the tooth is impacted, the dentist will have to first cut away gum and bone. Otherwise, the dentist will use forceps to grasp the tooth. After moving it back and forth, the dentist will then pull it out.

Immediately after

Most of the time, a tooth extraction causes no issues. Usually, a blood clot will form in the socket. If this happens, the dentist will place gauze over the socket and may put a few dissolving stitches there. If the clot breaks, the bone in the socket may be exposed, causing intense pain and discomfort. The dentist will then apply a dressing over it until the clot forms.

Replacing the tooth

The dentist will prescribe pain medication as needed. The patient should rest and avoid strenuous activity for a few days. The dentist will then follow up with the patient to talk about the next steps. This will include whether it makes sense to replace the missing tooth. Options include implants, dentures or partial dentures, or a bridge.

The process can be successful

You should not have to worry about a tooth extraction procedure. Your dentist will have the knowledge and training to make sure things go well. Be prepared for this process and feel at ease with it. Though it can be daunting to think about, the results can be positive for your health.

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